A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A short first-person adventure game, originally made for Ludum Dare 28. Defuse the bomb with your watch and knife, get the girl, and try not to die!

WASD+mouse to move, right click to change tool, left click to use the tool you're holding. Spaaaaaace to jump, and escape to exit.

Defuse the bomb by cutting off the cylinders in order - your watch will help you tell which.

design by Bowlercaptain, Sdonai, and WiTSKi
programming by Sdonai and Bowlercaptain
models by WiTSKi
Music and sound by Ryuno


KnifeGunRoseWatch_Windows_64.zip (21 MB)
KnifeGunRoseWatch_Windows.zip (20 MB)
KnifeGunRoseWatch_Linux.tar (68 MB)
KnifeGunRoseWatch_Mac.zip (25 MB)
KnifeGunRoseWatch_Source.zip (25 MB)

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